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 True or Faulse

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PostSubject: True or Faulse   Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:42 pm

ok guys, i saw the this or that thread and it reminded me of this, it was something from the forza forums and it was pretty cool, so what you do is post a question and then next person replies with true or faulse and their question. it's similar to the this or that thread but it's true or fauls on RL or forza about anything car related.
so for eg. person A: the next person has taken a manufacture to level 50
person B: true-ferrari, the next person owns every mercedes on the game (not inc. DLC)
Person C: faulse
and it continues etc etc etc

so i'll post the first question to kick it off:
the next person has been to more than 1 race meeting IRL?

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True or Faulse
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