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 Not in a forza 4 club? why not join one ?

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PostSubject: Not in a forza 4 club? why not join one ?   Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:27 pm

Hello everyone my name is Luke i am new to BnB. I think this is a great new way to play forza and brings lots of new challenges. If you are not in a club in forza 4 and you are interested in joinin one i have a sucessful drift team that is doin very well and i am looking for people with a sideways talent to join our club.The club is called built not bought (TAG-(ae47) it is not a built not bought garage it is just the name i called it. it was created on the 29/03/2012 and has 14 members the club is ranked in the top 1% of all clubs in drift class leaderboards our position is 22,592 out of 3,507,929. there are over 40 club cars with drift tunes and team designs if anyone is interested in joinin please feel free to do so as any one is welcome my xbox name is staffy117 if you want to add me i can send you an invite i am always drifting on forza and i look forward to driving with you.

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Not in a forza 4 club? why not join one ?
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