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 The Junkyard: General Information

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PostSubject: The Junkyard: General Information   Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:16 pm

*Introduction, in production*

Welcome to the Junkyard, Built Not Bought's very own treasure chest. At least if you know where to look!
Skilled scavengers are able to pick up shells of their favorite car for a fraction of its original value.
Do you already have a shell but want to swap that four-banger for a roaring V8? No problem!
We at the Junkyard strip totalled cars and sell the working parts, so keep your eyes open if you want to find that gem!
We also take in your unwanted cars, it's a win/win!

*Information & How it's Done, in production*

You're obviously convinced that you need to scour the Junkyard now but before you start, you need some information.
You can find that all your questions are answered in this list.

  • The Junkyard has a steady supply of shells, we receive five rolling chassis a week.

  • The Junkyard receives five working engines every week as well.

  • Cars sold to the Junkyard will be stripped and sold in pieces. You receive 30% of the car's cost including parts.

  • Prices of the shells and engines are auctions that start at 40% of their respective price.

  • If you want to buy the stock engine for the shell you bought? 20% of the cars new value buys you the stock engine.

  • You are not allowed to retract a bid.

*List of the Shells & Engines*

There are a lot of cars in the automotive world, some are more rare than the other.
The Junkyard is a heaven for car enthousiasts because almost every single car makes a visit here!





List of engine swaps available: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


_85./Hachi-Roku _91./Savanna RX-7 _10./Gojira GT-R

_TRK's./Fuji Flat, come visit for beers and blue bears
_Garage K./For all your tuning needs, visit us
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The Junkyard: General Information
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