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 Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing... XBOX ONE.

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PostSubject: Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing... XBOX ONE.   Mon May 27, 2013 12:44 am

i seriously heard that tho


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Junkyard Junkie

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PostSubject: Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing... XBOX ONE.   Mon May 27, 2013 1:08 pm

Quote :
Sony filed a patent late last year that could mean the PS4 won't play used or second hand games. The patent, US Patent Application 20130007892, describes "a game playing system [including] a use permission tag provided for use in a game disk for a user of a game, a disk drive, and a reproduction device for reproducing the game." Essentially, this means that a device similar to an RFID or or near-field communication (NFC) tag built into the game disc would tie it to a particular console or console user

So it looks like Sony has not made a 'hard' decision on used games but have a patent in place.
Rather then being outright like MS when drilled with questions, Sony may be looking at other ways to get money from the secondhand market that might sit better with gamers

Sony's always had a smaller hand in customers pockets than MS but i understand that both companies and games developers see the secondhand market as a 'problem'
Most of us buy new (mainly) and a few second hand but some like my friends Lee and Keith will not buy new and rent more than own,
Gamers like these don't give back money to the developers

I would be happy to pay a few quid to either to unlock a secondhand game (that money would in theory drop the cost of the game secondhand from shops/eBay)
But if they want more than say £4 to unlock it and would not allow me to play with friends on games one of us doesnt 'own'?... then fuck um...

I also think whatever they do to recoup money it will increase the number of modded consoles where people wont even be paying for the iso file they download from piratebay in the first place lol
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing... XBOX ONE.
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