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 I need people to game with!

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I need people to game with! Empty
PostSubject: I need people to game with!   I need people to game with! I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 1:40 am

I know this might need to go in Parking Lot Meets, but I'm gonna put it here.

So when I first joined BnB a few weeks ago I wasn't working at my job yet and the people I always went in lobbies with were on when I was.

Well now that I'm working no one I used to play with on BnB is on when I am and I find myself waiting for the weekly payday, upgrading my car, and having no one to race or drift or chill with. 

So, I was wondering if anyone of you guys in this awesome community are on at the same time as I am, and If so would you like to send me a friend request and we can game after I get off work?

I'm usually on 6-10PM Central Time, Monday-Friday
and i'm on whenever on weekends

My gamertag is: Im Mr Dubstep

Thanks a ton! I hope to hear from some people soon!


Gamertag: Im Mr Dubstep

I need people to game with! QgkEAwW
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I need people to game with!
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