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 UberTorque Media - Exclusive Interview's

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PostSubject: UberTorque Media - Exclusive Interview's   Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:14 pm


It was a cold, slightly quiet morning in the Swiss Alps. As I awaited at The cornor with the breath taking view. A fimilar noise clouded the sky with it's roar. I instantly knew then that my guest had arrived.

"Here he is. Glad you could fly over on these terms. I know you very busy"
"It's cool man anytime"
"Shall we begin ?"
"Yeah go for it, whenever you're ready"

"So Cali. My first thunderous questions for you is. What is Drift Wars ?"

"Drift Wars is a BNB community based tandem battle competiton.
Wow these question have put me on the spot *Small Laugh*. It was originally founded in 2011, close to the end of Forza Motorsport 3. There are some awesome prizes to be won such as microsoft point and free live, plus the cash on the side.

"I think the main question on every bodies mind is what makes 'Drift Wars' different to any other event that we as a community have seen on BNB ?"

"The way it's ran. Back in the days, Forza wasn't taken so seriously so we sort of bring that nostalgia back into our events. We use that seriousnes's towards the way we run or staff and the event it self of course that corresponds with the prizes, you know, little things like that that just show that we mean business".

"You say how it's run but what do you mean ?"

"Dedication. And following through really. Because the majority of the time, I see great events that look like fun, but they never finish. Whether it be rain or shine we pull through. I think we also cater to the community and what they want in the event"

"It's every bodies competition then ?"

"Yeah I suppose. Like, we have less rules then most comps as well, but were uptight about BS as such. Like, we don't take any crap. If somebody is giving smack to someone else and that person doesn't want to do the event, then we come down hard before it floureshes into drama. You could say we have a zero tolerence policy.

"Right. Enough business talk. I'm here to talk to you. So let's talk about you. What's your story ?"

"Erm I used to be a Playstation guy.

"Really ?"

"Yeah man I hated the Xbox. I was that guy that would walk into the store and talk smack about the Xbox. GT3 came out the same time as Forza 1 on the Xbox, and I was adament that I was going to play GT3. So one day I went to my cousins house and I saw him driving on this game, he was sitting next to my brother. They were drag racing, drifting, racing, all that stuff. And then he backed out and started modifying his car. He done an engine swap and I was like. "Wait, go back to that". And I just remember thinking it was the coolest thing. Then he backed out onto the starting menu and I saw the 'Forza Motorsport' logo. That's the begining. I involved myself in the community in Forza 1 but I think my career really kicked off in Forza 2 when I started from the bottom, made a name for myself. I did by having a simple policy and it's that 'There's always gonna be people who like you and those who don't, but who cares, just carry on'. One thing I will finish with, it's been one hell of a ride that for sure!"

"Thanks Cali man. Hey I really like the paint. Where does that come from and have you got others like it ?"

Yeah we have a Red Bull paint which TGF Joker runs on his RX7. There's a long story behind this BNB paint here. It was originally designed for 'Forza Hunters' but I basically just slapped on the BNB logo.

"Like a true craftsmen then"

"Yeah basically *Laughs*. Nah In all seriousness, the forza hunter guys never really pulled through. I don't think they will mind. No but yeah this paint is actually about three years old. Just looks really modern and new because it's a great paint *chuckles*. There are pictures on the Project D club thread in the community garages off this paint and the Red Bull paint. All these designs have been sent through my shop 'Rouge Industries' which can be found on the Market Place for Forza 4. Rouge Industries was also developed at the end of Forza 3. But yeah the shops good. It's not a pre order, get what you want kind of paint shop. We make paints and sell them to the community. It's a bit like a skateboard shop you know. You just go in and pick what you like.

"Alright well Cali man I really appreciate you coming out here and talking to us, not just business but personally. I could tell you was nervous my friend."

"Yeah man, you know how to catch people off gaurd."

"Well the track is yours for the day so enjoy"


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UberTorque Media - Exclusive Interview's
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